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Travel mag suggests best Greek islands to visit in 2022


Conde Nast Traveller best Greek Islands article


Island mini-guides:  If you’re hoping to pay a first-time visit to the Greek isles in 2022, or make a return trip to see one or more islands you’re not already familiar with, travel journalist Rachel Howard might help you find the places most suitable to your personal tastes and holiday priorities.

Howard writes extensively about Greece travel destinations, and her work appears regularly in leading international magazines and newspapers.

Her latest article for Conde Nast Traveller magazine,  The best Greek islands to visit in 2022, is a mini-guide that profiles nearly two dozen islands, ranging from such perenially-popular tourist magnets as Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes, to less-commercial and much quieter places in between, like Folegandros, Symi and Ithaca.



Howard’s guide suggests 23 islands she feels might be “the best” for specific traveller lifestyles and preferences, such as Serifos for “naturists and purists,”  Ithaca for “lovers and loners” seeking a “mythical retreat,” Zakynthos for “seaside holidays with toddlers or teens,” Paxos for “the perfect blend of seclusion and sophistication,” and Hydra for “a long weekend with the art crowd.” Of course, her list also includes islands that will be appealing for noteworthy natural features and distinctive local characteristics, like Amorgos for “deep blue seas and wide open spaces,” Tinos for “traditional villages and knockout tavernas,” Symi for “castaway coves and a picture-perfect port,” and Naxos for “endless sandy beaches.”

Looking for a honeymoon destination? An island renowned for exquisite cuisine? A decadent party haven or an authentic hideaway with a bohemian buzz? Howard has recommendations for islands perfect for those features, and more.

Her easy-to-read piece mentions highlight attractions on each island, top things to see and do, and places to stay.

The article is illustrated with a photo of a scene on each island (except Skiathos, for which the editors mistakenly selected a photograph of Elia beach on Mykonos), and is peppered with links to additional photo galleries, travel guides and previously-published magazine reports about some of the destinations.


New Ionian Islands travel guide available


Ionian Islands travel guide

The cover of The Ionian Islands online travel guide, published by the Greek National Tourism Organisation, features a photo of a sailboat anchored near Navagio beach on Zakynthos (Zante) island



Free download: A new online travel guide for the Ionian Islands is now available from, the official website of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO).

The 88-page guide features maps, useful phone numbers, descriptions of must-see sights and must-do activities on each island, plus dozens of gorgeous full-colour photos. It’s organized into seven separate sections: Corfu, Diapontia Islands, Paxoi, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos.

The guide is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian versions. To obtain a copy of the guide, click on this link to the GNTO downloads page, scroll down, and click on the flag that represents the language you prefer.

Don’t be surprised if you start dreaming of a holiday in the Ionians after seeing just the first few pages of the guide! Below are two of the images that appear in the publication. click on each photo to view a fulls-size version.


G. Augoustinators photograph of Antisamos on Kefalonia island in Greece

The Ionian Islands guide credits photographer G. Augoustinatos for this beautiful image of Antisamos on Kefalonia



Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada

The gorgeous sky-blue sea off Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada. The GNTO guide credits this photograph to the Lefkada Prefecture.



Beach & coastal scenery on Ithaca, Kefalonia & Lefkada islands


Porto Katsiki on Lefkada island

Soaring cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop to the brilliant blue sea and soft white sand beach at Porto Katsiki on Lefkada island. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Eyes on the Ionians:  We haven’t yet travelled to the Ionian group of islands off the west coast of mainland Greece, but I’m hopeful we’ll finally get there during one of our holidays in the next several years.

There are 11 islands in the Ionian archipelago, with the largest being Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Paxoi. As you’d expect from Greek islands, the Ionians boast spectacular scenery — verdant valleys, charming towns and traditional Greek fishing villages, enthralling coastal caves and grottoes, fascinating underground lakes, and beguiling white sand beaches along brilliant cerulean seas.

Franc Malečkar has captured some of that fabulous scenery in the travel photos which he has kindly permitted me to publish below.


coastline near Asos on Kefalonia

The magnificent coastline near the Asos peninsula on Kefalonia. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


near Asos village on Kefalonia

Overlooking the Asos peninsula on Kefalonia. A picturesque traditional village, also named Asos, is nestled around a bay on the neck of the peninsula. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Asos peninsula on Kefalonia

Another view of the Asos peninsula on Kefalonia’s northwest coast. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Kioni village on Ithaca

The harbourside at Kioni village on Ithaca. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


a valley near Valsamata on Kefalonia

A lush green valley near Valsamata on Kefalonia. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Melissani underground lake on Lefkada

Tourist boats explore the Melissani underground lake on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Melissani underground lake on Lefkada

Another view of tourist boats in the Melissani underground lake. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Kathisma beach Lefkada

Sunset view from Kathisma beach at Ag. Nikitas on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Mikro Gialos Lefkada

Tree-covered mountainsides near Mikro Gialos on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Mikro Gialos beach Lefkada

Mikro Gialos is a very popular family beach on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Porto Katsiki Lefkada

The coastline near Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada

Tour boat passengers enjoy a swim in the gorgeous warm turquoise water at Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada

A swimmer at Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Vasiliki village on Lefkada

The tranquil harbour at Vasiliki village on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Myrtos beach  Kefalonia

Looking way down on Myrtos beach on Kefalonia. Photo by Franc Malečkar.


Pefkoulia beach on Lefkada

Pefkoulia beach on Lefkada. Photo by Franc Malečkar.