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A caïque on Psarou bay


caique in Psarou bay

A caïque (traditional Aegean fishing boat) reflects late afternoon sunlight as it rests at anchor in Psarou bay on Mykonos. More than two dozen of these boats, which can carry 30 passengers each, now serve as water taxis that shuttle travellers between several of the most popular beaches on the south coast of Mykonos each summer. Consult the Mykonos Cruises website for further information about boat schedules, fares, and private charters.


A church in the Naxos countryside


a church on Naxos

A dirt road leads to an impressive white church in the Naxos countryside, roughly midway between Agia Anna and Arsenios. We saw the chapel while cycling along the west coast of Naxos two weeks ago.


A colourful street in Ano Syros


Ano Syros

Two local ladies chat while sitting on a doorstop on one of the marble-paved streets in Ano Syros (Upper Syros), a Venetian-era village perched on a hilltop above the beautiful city of Ermoupoli on Syros island.


Plaka beach: 4 km of soft sand & turquoise sea


Plaka beach on Naxos

The view from the southern end of Plaka beach on Naxos. This beautiful long strand of light-brown sand and dunes is the perfect place to avoid crowds, since the beach extends for approximately 4 kilometers and offers plenty of space for peace, solitude and privacy. People were few and far between on the beach yesterday (May 21), so they probably felt as though they had the entire shoreline all to themselves.



Tuesday’s sunset views from Naxos beaches


sunset on Naxos

We had clouds and rain on Monday, our first day back on Naxos. But Tuesday the weather was gorgeous — sunny and warm (24 Celsius). The beautiful day ended with an impressive sunset, seen here from Agia Anna beach (top photo) and Agios Prokopios beach (bottom picture) on the west coast of Naxos.



sunset on Naxos

Sunbed signs point the way to beaches on Kos


Golden Beach on Kos

A sign with an illustration of seagulls, sunbeds and palm trees points the way to Golden Beach on Kos island, while the one below indicates the access road to another beach on the north coast of the island.  We saw numerous markers like these while bike riding from Kos Town to the Tigaki resort area in May 2010. At bottom is a photo of one of the beaches we passed near Tigaki.



a beach sign on Kos

I don’t recall seeing palm trees on or near any of the beaches we cycled past on Kos, but this sign suggests that they do exist



a beach on Kos

One of the beautiful white sand beaches we passed near Tigaki



A full moon over Santorini


Santorini full moon

There was a full moon above Greece at 22:14 p.m. local time tonight. This photo of moonglow illuminating the sea below Santorini’s famous caldera cliffs was posted on the Wonderful Greece Facebook page.


Fishing for yachts at the Mykonos Old Port


fisherman and yachts and Mykonos

Getting ready to reel in a big boat? A man fishes from rocks in the Mykonos Town harbour, near the charter motor yachts Happy Dolphin II (left) and Hadia. We saw the Happy Dolphin II one week later while we were on Ios island (in mid-May of 2013). The 40-meter ship can sleep 13 guests in 5 cabins, and has a crew of 9. What a way to cruise the Greek Islands! You can view more photos of the 40-meter luxury yacht in my Happy Dolphin II at Ios album on Flickr.



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