1. Hello,

    I was wondering, were you able to go swimming in the ocean in May? I wanted to go this may around the 12th-21st. I’m second guessing it though b/c i’m not sure if the water will be warm enough or if it’ll be hot either. Please let me know you’re experience. Thanks!

    • admin

      March 13, 2012 at 9:58 am

      May swimming on Mykonos depends upon your tolerance for cool to cold water. The daytime temperature should be warm — mid- to high 70s, and sometimes hotter — but the sea (and swimming pool hotels) take a long time to get warmed up by the sun. Sometimes the water is ice-cold, so only a few people go swimming, while other times it’s a little less frigid and a few more people get in the water. Last May I saw more people in the water at Platis Gialos, Paraga and Paradise beaches than in previous years; it was still cold, but not as bad as I recalled other Mays. I can’t handle cold water and found the water too cold just for wading, but that’s me. Still enjoyed being at the beaches, though.

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