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Sunset’s glow at Roditses beach on Samos


Roditses beach on Samos

The setting sun casts a warm golden glow on Roditses beach (foreground) and nearby Vathy, the capital and main commercial center on Samos island 


Roditses beach and Tasos Taverna

Roditses beach is about a 15-minute walk from Vathy, in a predominantly residential area with apartment buildings, elegant holiday homes, rental studio accommodations and a few hotels. It’s also the location of Tasos Taverna, whose open-air dining terrace is visible at upper left.


Roditses beach

Roditses is a rather unremarkable small beach, with a surface comprised mainly of stones and pebbles.  There are scores of beautiful and more scenic beaches on Samos, but Rodises is quick to reach on foot from Vathy,  and it’s suitable for some quiet time or sunbathing.


 Roditses beach

Two big apartment buildings on the hill behind Roditses beach


Roditses beach

Looking toward the Tasos Taverna seaview dining terrace, from the rocky southeast end of Roditses beach.  Tasos is the #1-ranked restaurant for Vathy on TripAdvisor.com, where reviewers praised the reasonably-priced Greek cuisine and the taverna’s views of Vathy Bay and the sunset.


sunset over Vathy Bay Samos

Although Roditses beach is far from spectacular, that’s not the case for the views from Tasos Taverna, where diners can watch as the sun sets in the distance beyond Vathy Bay


Picture yourself … in Vathi on Samos


A stone house across the bay from Vathi, the main town on Samos island

A stone house sits across the bay from Vathi, the main town on Samos


Pic of the day: A house on a hill in Samos


a house in Vathi on Samos

Many visitors to Vathi, the main city on Samos, don’t seem to venture beyond the commercial area along the waterfront near the port. But it’s well worth taking time to stroll some of the residential neighourhoods on the hills behind the business district. There are plenty of scenic streets with neoclassically-styled houses like the one above, plus great views of the city and Vathi Bay.


Pic of the day: Seeing red on Samos


Bold red bougainvillea cascades above the entrance to Hotel Helen in Vathi (Samos Town) on Samos

A canopy of bold red bougainvillea above the entrance ensures that it’s easy to find Hotel Helen on Grammoy Street in Vathi on Samos island


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