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Batsi harbour at sunset

Boats in Batsi harbour at sunset





In a nutshell, here’s our general impressions of Batsi:

♦ It’s picturesque, with pretty views and scenery in practically all directions, especially on the waterfront all the way around the bay. There are some interesting lanes and footpaths on the hill behind the commercial zone.

♦ There are plenty of good places to eat and drink. The main road along the waterfront has numerous tavernas, restaurants, and cafe-bars, most offering nice sea and harbour views and menus of seafood and Greek cuisine (as well as popular international dishes);

♦ Batsi beach is just steps from the commercial strip, and there’s a smaller sandy strand on the opposite side of the bay. Three more beaches are within walking distance.

♦ The village is conveniently located. It’s about a 10-minute taxi ride from Batsi to Gavrio, and the local bus ride takes only a little longer. We actually walked to the port town on our final full day on Andros — it’s under 6 km away with beautiful beach and coastal scenery the entire distance.

♦ Would we recommend it? Yes!

♦ Would we stay in or near Batsi on a return visit to Andros? Absolutely!


Below is a selection of our photos of Batsi. You can view full-size versions of them, along with over 200 additional pictures, in my Batsi album on Flickr.

Batsi village on Andros

A big church and buildings on the hill near Batsi beach


valley behind Batsi beach

Houses in the valley behind Batsi beach


a hillside footpath in Batsi

Tall stone walls line a lane of steps that descend a residential hillside area to the village’s commercial waterfront


Batsi's waterfront street

The local taxi stand (left) and part of the main waterfront street


sailboats at Batsi

Sailboats in the marina at Batsi harbour


Batsi beach

Village view from Batsi beach as stormclouds move toward the town 


a street of steps in Batsi

A long flight of steps to houses behind the commercial area


Stamatis Taverna in Batsi

Stamatis Taverna, where we had a delicious meal our first night in Batsi


Batsi village Andros

The village buildings look like they’re tightly stacked atop each other


Batsi village Andros

Cafes and restaurants along the bayside road


Batsi harbour

Fishing boats in Batsi harbour


Batsi beach

Umbrellas on Batsi beach


Batsi harbour at twilight

Twilight view of the harbourfront strip


Batsi beach

Families enjoying a sunny afternoon at Batsi beach


gates along a lane in Batsi

Lush trees and vegetation surround a house in Batsi


Moncafe in Batsi

The Moncafe bar on the harbourfront strip, where we relaxed with a glass of wine while waiting for a short rainfall to end one afternoon


Restaurants and cafes in Batsi

Harbour-view restaurants and cafes


steps in Batsi

A steep flight of steps on the hill behind the commercial area


Batsi harbourfront at sunset

The Batsi harbourfront at sunset hour


Batsi beach

A boardwalk along Batsi beach, next to the main road


Batsi beach

The northern end of Batsi beach


Batsi beach

Part of the view from the north end of Batsi beach


a building in Batsi

A building with dovecoats and traditional Cycladic design elements


a hillside lane in Batsi

A hillside footpath leading from homes to the waterfront


restaurants near Batsi beach I

Some of the restaurants near Batsi beach


Hotels on a hill above Batsi bay

Hotels and rental apartments on a hill above the bay. The large complex in the center of the photo is the Mare Vista Hotel — Epaminondas


stormclouds above Batsi

Menacing stormclouds above Batsi. They sprinkled light rain over the village for about half an hour before moving out to sea.


along the Batsi waterfront

The waterfront street, looking in the direction of the road to Stivari, Delavoyia and Agia Marina


a church in Batsi

The big red-roofed church that dominates the Batsi skyline


Batsi village Andros

Village, harbour and sea view from the Batsi church as stormclouds fill the sky over the western Andros coast


village view from Batsi beach

Village view from the opposite side of the bay


A Bacardi logo in Batsi

It just wouldn’t be Batsi without a bat!

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