If your two priorities for a Greek Island vacation are dining and beachtime, Kokkari could very well be paradise!

As for the question I ask in my headline — What’s cooking in Kokkari? — the answer is: Just about anything you would want to eat!

Below are photos of some of the restaurants and signs, as well as pictures of the three Greek dishes we ordered for lunch. Those are followed by links to a Flickr album with additional restaurant and sign photos, as well as one album containing Kokkari village photos and another containing pictures of the three beaches.

Don’t be surprised if you feel hungry after viewing the pics!


Kariatida taverna

The colourful sign above the waterside dining terrace at Kariatida taverna



Kokkari Samos

Taverna Kokkari (left) and Café Manos



 Kokkari Samos

Customers can look, point and order from this big menu board outside one of the Kokkari waterfront restaurants



octopus at Kokkari

Catch of the day on display outside one of the tavernas



Kokkari bakery shop sign

Bakery shop sign



Stathis taverna Kokkari

A well-fed chef greets customers at the terrace entrance to Stahis taverna



Poquito cafe and beach bar

An awning provides shade for a row of tables and chairs at Poquito Café ….



Poquito cafe and beach bar

… which is situated right beside the east end of Long Beach



Taverna Nireas Kokkari

Taverna Nireas is on top of a hill overlooking the two Lemonakia beaches



Kokkari Samos

Sidewalk signs for Poseidon and Kariatida tavernas



La Bussola Cafe Kokkari

The La Bussola Café terrace at the harbourside



Tarsanas Taverna Kokkari

Sign above the entrance to O Tarsanas taverna



Kokkari supermarket

Kokkari supermarket sign



Basilico restaurant Kokkari

Il Basilico restaurant near the harbour quay



Kokkari Samos

A waiter delivers a cocktail to a customer on a harbourside terrace



Stathis taverna Kokkari

Classically-themed sign above the waterside terrace at Stathis Taverna



Wave bar Kokkari

A sign for Wave Bar stands at the edge of the waterside walkway



Thalassa Taverna Kokkari

Thalassa Taverna sign



Kokkari Samos

Five signs stand outside Cafe Plori, Poseidon and Kariatida taverna …



Kokkari Samos

… but even more are visible in this view from the other direction



Kokkari Samos

This sleepy dog seems oblivious to all the restaurant signs and diners behind him



Prima Vera Grill House Kokkari

Part of the outdoor dining terrace at Prima Vera Grill House, where we had lunch



Greek salad

The crunchy Greek salad we ordered as a starter for our lunch at Prima Vera Grill House



Giant beans

Baked gigantes — another delicious dish from our lunch at Prima Vera Grill House



Bekri vegetables

Our third lunch item at Prima Vera, a yummy Bekri-style baked vegetable dish



Mythos taverna Kokkari

Greek Night sign outside Mythos Restaurant



Kokkari Samos

Hungry for gyros, roast chicken or souvlaki? You can get them at Lichoudes tis Loxandras!



Cavos Cafe Bar Kokkari

Looking for a dessert treat? Try some cake or pie at Cavos Cafe Bar!



Kokoras taverna Kokkari

Rooster sign outside its namesake Kokoras taverna



All signs point to all kinds of food in my What’s cooking in Kokkari? photo album on the Flickr page. Click on the image above to view a slideshow, or click twice to open the album and see the full-size photos.



Above is a link to my Kokkari Samos album, with more than 150 village pics



Above is a link to my Kokkari beaches album, with 82 photos of the 3 beaches at the village


See my May 14 2011 post for links to two videoclips of the Small Lemonakia beaches.


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