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Google satellite image of Androusa Castle location

The red marker on this Google Maps satellite image of Messenia shows the location of Androusa Castle, approximately 22 kilometers northwest of the city of Kalamata.


Google map view of Androusa Castle

The Androusa Castle site and the adjacent village are seen in another satellite image from Google Maps.  The castle’s recently-restored eastern wall is clearly visible near the upper right corner of the picture.


Androusa castle

An information plaque at Androusa Castle includes photos describing restoration work that was undertaken on the eastern fortress walls and remaining towers


Androusa Castle

The information plaque includes this text describing the castle’s history, its key architectural design features, and the recent restoration project 


Androusa Castle

There’s a commanding view of the Messenian countryside from this vantage point near one of the restored towers at Androusa Castle. The metal “roof” was added several years ago to help protect what’s left of the tower from the elements.


view from Androusa Castle

Fields of olive and Cyprus trees extend all the way to the base of the mountains several kilometers to the east


view from Androusa Castle

The view extends all the way south to Kalamata and the Messenian Gulf


town view from Androusa Castle

Castle view toward some of the houses in Androusa village


Androusa Castle curtain wall

Arcades line the inner side of the castle’s curtain wall.


Androusa Castle curtain wall

A rampart walk extended along the top of the wall


Androusa Castle wall

The fortress was built in a trapezoid shape, but most of the walls no longer exist.


Androusa castle wall

Decorative brickwork adorns some of the arcades’ pointed arches


a building at Androusa Castle

The remains of a small stone structure on the castle grounds


a building at Androusa Castle

Another view of the stone building inside the castle walls


Tower on the Androusa castle wall

Outer wall of the tower on the castle’s southeastern corner


a tower at Androusa Castle

The inside wall of the corner tower


Androusa Castle wall

Looking to the east along the castle’s exterior wall


Olive trees at Androusa Castle

Olive trees on the castle grounds


Pine trees at Androusa Castle

A stand of tall pine trees on the castle grounds


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