a building in Filoti

Red blooms beside a brown door in Filoti


 a road near Chalki

Looking toward Naxos mountains from a road near Chalki


 houses in Filoti

Houses on a hillside in Filoti


 bamboo in Chalki

Bamboo beside a gate at a house in Chalki


 berries on a bush in Filoti

Orange berries on bushes in a yard in Filoti 


 olive trees in Chalki

Olive trees on a farm property near Chalki


fall foliage in Kerami

Fall foliage at a house in Kerami


 trees in a field near Chalki

Cypress trees in the countryside near Chalki


 a vegetable stand in Filoti

Fall vegetables, including huge squash (visible in the boxes at right), on display outside a food market in Filoti


 cats in Filoti

Cats playing in a driveway near Kerami


 a shed near Chalki

An old shed near the highway between Chalki and Kerami


 a church belltower in Chalki

A church belltower in the countryside near Chalki


  valley view from Filoti

Valley view from a cafe terrace in Filoti


 Venetian Castle in Naxos Town

A tree at the Venetian-era Castle in Naxos Town has lost most of its leaves


 fall foliage in Filoti

Fall foliage on a porch in Filoti


 tree in a field near Chalki

Brownish-orange grasses in a yard in Chalki


 Filoti village

Houses and a blue-domed church on a hillside in Filoti


 Platanos Cafe in Filoti

A table and chairs at Platanos Cafe in Filoti


 fields at Filoti

Olive trees in the valley below Filoti


a yard in Chalki

A pathway and a stone wall on a farm property near Chalki


 a footpath in Filoti

Along a footpath in Filoti


 citrus fruit in Chalki

Citrus fruit on a tree near Chalki


 old farm equipment in Chalki

Old machinery in a farm field near Chalki


 greenery in Filoti

To me, the long, thin branches on this tree in Filoti evoke images of fireworks and water cascading over a waterfall


 Platanos cafe in Filoti village

The exterior of Platanos cafe in Filoti 


tall grasses in Chalki

Tall brown grass twists through a rusty metal fence in Chalki


fall colours in Filoti

Fall foliage contrasts with greenery on a hillside in Filoti


 fruit on a tree in Chalki

Fruit on a tree in Chalki


Mt Profitis Ilias near Filoti

Looking toward Mt Profitis Ilias from a road in Filoti


pine trees at Filoti

Pine trees in a forest on the outskirts of Filoti


highway to Filoti

Approaching Filoti on the road from Kerami


fall foliage on Naxos

Leaves changing colour in the countryside near Chalki


mountain scenery on Naxos

Mountain and valley scenery viewed from the bus to Chalki


palm tree in Naxos Town

A palm tree on the Naxos Town waterfront paralia


potted plants in Filoti

Potted plants on a house construction site in Filoti


countryside near Chalki

Fall foliage in the countryside near Chalki


 Panagia Filotitissa church in Filoti

Leaves changing colour on trees outside Panagia Filotitissa church in Filoti


 palm tree fronds

Fronds on a palm tree in a yard near Kerami


 cafes in Filoti

Tree-shaded cafe terraces line the road through Filoti


fall foliage in Kerami

Fall foliage cascades over a stone wall in Kerami


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