A video visit to Karpathos


 nikos k posted this 2.5-minute videoclip of Karpathos on YouTube nearly two years ago, but I am certain that the island’s beautiful beaches and impressive scenery have changed much in the meantime



Karpathos calling: Someone I know is planning a trip to Karpathos this September, so when I discovered this short videoclip of the island on YouTube today, of course I had to share it immediately.

Part of the Dodecanese island group, Karpathos is one of the islands on our steadily growing “must see” list. We actually tried to plan a visit there last month, but we just couldn’t work it into our itinerary because of the limited low season flight and ferry connections.  So we’re leaving it for a future trip when we can travel in June or September instead.

The clip shows scenes from several of the top beaches on Karpathos, including Ahata, Amoopi, Apella, Kyra Panagia, Lefkos and Pigadia. The clip also shows views of the main port town, Pigadia, as well as the scenic mountain village of Olympos, one of the top tourist destinations on the island.


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  1. Hi Don…thanks a million, I’ll try to take good notes (not my style..lol), and report on my fall trip..love the video!

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