McCabe was born in 1934 in Chicago, and grew up in the New York City area. He travelled to Greece for the first time in 1954 while he was an undergraduate student at Princeton University. He returned to Greece the following year and again in 1957, during which he took photos of the Greek islands for the National Geographic Society. Since then, numerous exhibitions of his photographs of Greece have been held in New York, Paris, London, Athens and other locations in Greece.

A slideshow of 16 of the images from Patmos: Pathways of Memory can be viewed at this link on the Huffington Post Destinations webpage. 

Curated by Elizabeth Plessa, the Patmos: Pathways of Memory exhibition is presented with support from the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Patmos as well as the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Below is a brief videoclip of the exhibition.


 This videoclip of the Robert McCabe exhibition was posted online by YouTube member rampilot1.


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