Meet Petros, the famous pelican mascot of Mykonos


a pelican on Mykonos

A pelican on Agia Anna beach next to the harbour at Mykonos Town


Famous feathers: Mention Mykonos, and most people instantly think of windmills, sandy beaches and white cube-shaped houses with blue shutters and doors. Yet one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island is a bird — a 53-year-old pelican named Petros. Actually, there’s not just one pelican on Mykonos — there’s a pod of three. And even though they all seem to be called Petros, they aren’t in their 50s.Yet.

According to local legend, the original Petros apparently flew from mainland Greece to Mykonos during a fierce storm. He was found, half-dead, by a fisherman who nursed him back to health. Island residents named him Petros and took turns feeding him. Petros became such a hit with tourists that he was designated as the official mascot of Mykonos. But he met an untimely, scandalous demise around 1986 when he was either run over by a car (some locals blame a drunk taxi driver) or sexually assaulted (some blame a drunk tourist).

Another legend maintains that jet setter and regular Mykonos socialite Jackie Onassis gave the island a new pelican to replace its maimed mascot, while another says a German zoo donated a bird as well. Yet another story says a third pelican wound up on Mykonos when he was discovered on a beach, injured like the original Petros, and brought back to good health by the locals.

Whatever one or all of the stories is true, it’s a fact there’s at least three pelicans entertaining tourists on Mykonos these days. They can often be spotted as a group, in a pair, or sleeping or strolling around solo. Their favourite places to hang out are at Niko’s Taverna (where they pose for photos with diners and then collect fresh fish treats from the kitchen), Paraportiani Square, Little Venice, the windmills on the hillside above Little Venice, and along the Mykonos Town harbourfront.

The last two times we’ve been to Mykonos, we’ve encountered pelicans in cocktail bars at Little Venice and on the harbourfront. Which makes me wonder … haven’t they been warned that it’s dangerous for them to hang around people drinking booze?

Below are photos of some of the pelicans we’ve met during some of our visits to Mykonos.


two pelicans on Mykonos

Two pelicans swimming in the harbour at Mykonos Town


a pelican on Agia Anna beach Mykonos

A pelican entertains tourists on Agia Anna beach at the harbour


pelican at Niko's Taverna in Mykonos

A pelican catches a snooze in the square next to Niko’s Tavernan


pelican sleeping on Mykonos

The pelican appears to be sound asleep …


Mykonos pelican taking a peek

… but he’s fully aware of all the tourists and cameras close by


pelican on Agia Anna beach in Mykonos Town

A pelican on Agia Anna beach


pelican watching the boats in Mykonos harbour

Watching the boats in Mykonos Town harbour


pelican on Agia Anna beach in Mykonos Town

Taking a long slow stretch on the beach


a pelican on a street in Mykonos Town

A pelican pauses while walking down a street in Mykonos Town …


pelican in a Mykonos jewellery store

… en route to a jewellery store near the waterfront, where he checks himself out in a mirror before being shooed back outside by the shopkeeper


a pelican on Mykonos

A pelican poses for pictures at the Mykonos Town harbour


Donny and a pelican in Mykonos

A pelican poses for a picture with me on Agia Anna beach


a pelican at Sunset Bar at Little Venice Mykonos

A pelican at the Sunset Bar in Little Venice


Mykonos pelican beak

Petros gives us a full frontal face view


pelican at Skandinavian Bar in Mykonos

A pelican in the courtyard at Skandinavian Bar


pelican at Skandinavian Bar in Mykonos

Waiting for someone to buy him a beer, perhaps?


pelican at Camares bar on Mykonos

Enjoying evening cocktail hour at Camares bar near the harbour


a pelican at Little Venice on Mykonos

A close-up look at the pelican’s neck pouch, which apparently can expand to hold nearly three gallons of water or fish


a pelican at Little Venice on Mykonos

Another close look at the pelican’s colourful beak


a Mykonos pelican

 This pic reminds me of an old Hollywood entertainer wearing a fake hairpiece


a pair of pelicans at Nikos Taverna in Mykonos

 A pair of pelicans waiting for fish at Niko’s Taverna


pelican at Nikos Taverna in Mykonos Town

 A pelican waits outside the kitchen door at Niko’s Taverna


three pelicans at Nikos Taverna on Mykonos

Three pelicans line up for fish treats at Niko’s Taverna


pelican on Agia Anna beach in Mykonos Town

A pelican stands proud on Agia Anna beach at the harbour


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  1. So, this giant pelican walks into the Skandanavian Bar.
    The bartender says, “What’ll it be?”
    The pelican says, “I’ve got a complaint about the size of my bill.”

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