This videoclip, Beaches of Chios, was posted online by YouTube member Xvijana, who said the clip shows beaches visited during a 2013 visit to the East Aegean island. The clip shows a variety of beaches starting on the west side of Chios, moving from south to north, and then clockwise from the northeast to south.



Winter distraction: I’ve had enough of winter!  I’m tired of ice, sleet and snow, and fed up with having to wear several layers of clothing to cope with the mind-numbing cold temperatures outside. But it’s only February 1, and spring is still a long ways off.

So I’m trying to distract myself by viewing online photos and videos of places I’d like to visit on one of our future trips to Greece.

The East Aegean island of Chios is one of those places. I don’t know if we’ll get there in 2014, but this video by Xvijana makes me want to visit just to see the island’s incredible variety of beaches and coastal scenery.

Xvijana’s video took my mind off winter for a few minutes … I hope it’s an equally enjoyable distraction for you, too!