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Exploring the quiet lanes and alleys of Andros Town


a lane in Andros Town

Three curious cats watch as we approach them in a lane in Andros Town


During our visit to Andros at the end of May, we usually had most of Andros Town all to ourselves while walking around — we saw only a small number of residents and even fewer tourists whenever we were out and about. Although the town’s main commercial street was  bustling with people each morning and again in the evening at dinner time, it was a different story off the main strip, where we typically would encounter some cats but barely any people on side streets and lanes like the one in the photo above. For us, the quiet alleys and walkways were pure bliss — a refreshing escape from the crowds, traffic, sirens and incessant city noise that stress us out back home in downtown Toronto. In main travel season, I’m sure Andros Town is teeming with tourists and residents, but we didn’t mind finding it so empty in May.

Here are more street scenes that will give you an idea of what it’s like to stroll around Andros Town:


a street in Andros Town

Approaching a church near the eastern tip of Andros Town


the main street in Andros Town

Looking along the main street in Andros Town. Vehicles can drive on this particular block, but beyond the intersection a few doors down, the street becomes a pedestrian-only thoroughfare.


the main street in Andros Town

With most shops and businesses closed in late afternoon, the pedestrian section of Andros Town’s main street is empty. Stormclouds gathering overhead seemed to scare most of the tourists back to their hotels until dinner time.


the main street in Andros Town

A view of the main street during a busier time of day


the main street of Andros Town

Shops and cafes line the marble-paved street


a lane in Andros Town

A view down the steps leading to the island’s Museum of Contemporary Art. It was open only between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and since we were always off exploring other parts of the island during those hours, we were unable to visit the galleries. Other tourists told us that the museum’s collections and special exhibits are impressive.


steps in Andros Town

A steep flight of steps on the south side of Andros Town


a street in Andros Town

Not a soul in sight on this street, either


a street in Andros Town

A colourful section of street near Agios Georgios Church


Agios Georgios Church Andros Town

Agios Georgios Church


steps in a lane in Andros Town

A lane of steps in Andros Town


road at Nimborio Beach Andros Town

The road along Nimborio beach on the north side of Andros Town


a street in Andros Town

A street near Nimborio beach


the main square in Andros Town

The big main square in Andros Town


steps from Andros Town to Paraporti beach\

Looking down the long, steep flight of stairs leading to Paraporti beach …


steps from Paraporti beach to Andros Town

… and looking partway up the same stairs from a spot near the bottom


a lane in Andros Town

This lane has views of two of the most famous landmarks at Andros Town — the Tourlitis lighthouse and Agia Thalassini Church


 a street in Andros Town

Steps leading from Andros Town to the Nimborio beach area


a lane in Andros Town

A lane high above the bay on the north side of Andros Town


a street near Nimborio beach

A street near Nimborio beach


Agia Thalassini Church on Andros

A wide waterfront promenade leads to Agia Thalassini Church on the seaside

Meow! My Greek Island cat photo collection is today’s featured album on Webshots.com!


cats in Samos Greece

Photo features: There are more than 692 million photos in hundreds of thousands of separate albums on Webshots.com, and today my “Cats and kittens in the Greek Islands” collection from 2009 was named Featured Album of the day! I have a second Webshots album of cats and kittens from 2011 which I published in an April 21 2012 post, and I am currently compiling a third from pics I took during my trip to Greece in May. I’ll post a link to that album once it’s ready for viewing.

My photos have been enjoying a good week on Webshots. On June 17, my pictures of Kolimbithres beach on Paros, which I had featured in the blog only one day earlier, were named Member’s Choice Beach Album.

Unfortunately, the company that owned Webshots decided to shut down the photo album website effective December 1 2012, so my albums are no longer available for viewing on that site. I have recreated them on the mygreecetravelblog.com Facebook page, however, so you can now view them there — even if you don’t have a Facebook account. To access the albums, click on the link provided under each photo below.


cats near Gagou Beach, Samos

This photo of two cats near Gagou Beach on Samos island is among dozens of cat and kitten pictures in my Cats in Greece #1 album on the mygreecetravelblog.com Facebook page.


Kolimbithres beach Paros

Dozens more photos of the beach and surrounding Kolimbithres area can be viewed in my Paros 2012: Kolimbithres Beach album on the mygreecetravelblog.com Facebook page.


Cat tales: Our close encounters with cute kittens, cuddly cats and a few far-from-friendly felines


cats on Samos island

Two cats catch some early evening sun near Gagou Beach on Samos


cat in Milos

A cat in Adamas village on Milos watches us warily


cat in Mykonos

A drowsy cat reclines on a street near Little Venice in Mykonos Town



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Village views: Exploring Chora on Ios


a cat in Chora on Ios

A cat relaxes in the shade on a narrow stone-paved street in Chora


Chora show: One of the big advantages of travelling to the Greek Islands in spring or September is that you beat the summer tourist crowds and don’t have to bump shoulders with throngs of other people while you explore the twisting and narrow cobblestone streets of island villages. In fact, our experience has been that most villages are almost dead during the daytime, coming alive in the evening once the sun is lower in the sky and the temperature is more comfortable.


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