Pack your bags for Parga!


Parga in southwestern Epirus Greece

Parga, seen in this screenshot from a promotional tourism video, is situated 64 km from the city of Preveza in the Epirus region of northwest Greece. The town is built in an amphitheatrical shape around a coastal cove close to the Ionian islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. One of the most popular tourist destinations on mainland Greece, particularly for U.K. travellers on package holidays, Parga and its surrounding area offer a vast variety of vacation activities and scenic natural attractions, many of which are shown in the video below. The 30-minute film was produced by GoGreeceWebTv for the Municipality of Parga. Information about visiting the area is available on the Prefecture of Preveza website.





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  1. A wonderful holiday destination in Greece is the mainland the Epirus region.
    In the northwest, facing the island Corfu at the Ionian Sea.

    I am fan of the small coastal town Parga and the beach Lichnos.
    In Lichnos, visitors will find a magnificent beach nice little tavernas and beautiful small apartment complexes as eg the Spiros Studios which I can only recommend (

    The region offers not only beautiful beaches but also many attractions of example Castles, the river Acheron, the Nekromantio, the ancient city of Nicopolis, Dodona, Vikos Gorge etc.

    Parga is definitely worth a visit!
    Have fun in Greece.

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