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Eva cruise ship Kos island

The Greek sailing boat Eva approaches Kos Town harbour


Sponge boat: One of my many vivid memories of Kos is the colourful waterfront of Kos Town, and especially the port and harbour. I was struck by the number of tour boats of all shapes, and sizes offering day trips to Turkey as well as excursions to nearby Greek islands like Kalymnos and Pserimos. But one ship in particular sticks in my mind: the two-masted wooden sailboat Eva.

I saw Eva our first day on the island while we were walking along a beach near Kos Town shortly after 6 p.m. Bathed in the warm glow of the slowly setting sun, with the mountainous coast of Turkey providing a scenic backdrop, Eva was motoring its way back to port at the end of a daytrip. Most of its passengers were either sitting or standing on the starboard side of the boat, looking content and relaxed as they caught some final rays before their excursion concluded. I felt envious, and wished I was with them.


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  1. Captain Savas R.I.P. after awfull accidant in oktober 2012.
    We enjoyed this cruise for 3 times, so many good memmories.
    Regards from Holland

  2. I was shocked reading about what happened on board of the EVA.

    I was searching for the information about the EVA for friends. They are going to Kos this Summer and just as the lady,Caroline, in her reply says: We also enjoyed this one day cruise so much and we also have so many good memories. We enjoyed the cruise 2 times. That’s the raison, we wanted to share our indescribable experience with our friends. You have to make a boot trip with the EVA, than you’ll understand how special this is.

    Our sympathy goes to the family.

    Family Meppelink, Holland

  3. My wife and I have visited kos for six years on the run and travelled on the Eva each time. On one occasion capt Savas and his crew recognised us from previous visits that we were invited to have a drink with them one evening aboard the Eva. We listened to thier stories and tales about their lives on Kos and Germany. Earlier on that day we sang songs aboard with a member of the crew who is German and whose name unfortunately escapes me. It was a most wonderful time which we will never forget. In fact we are going back to Kos in 2014 for the first time in several years and the Eva is a trip we will be booking, it will be sad not to have Capt Savas with us but I will salute him with a drink. Yamas Capt Savas and crew.

  4. I was working 4 Summerseasons on Eva Boat from 2001 until 2005. Käptain Savvas was one of my best friends in greece. I have too many good Memories. I was shocked, found this bad info in internet so late. I visited Eva boat in May 2010 last time with my new wife. Now we have a son of one year. I am very sad about this end of such a good friend. All my sympathy and tears go to eva, dionissia, madeleine and the crew. This was so a special boat trip, i hope it will run also in future. Yamas to savvas! efcharisto poli.

    Daniel, ex Kamaki and Pirat

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