A warm welcome from the goats at Hermes Hotel on Ios


a goat on Ios

This goat was in a herd that gave us a warm welcome to the Hermes Hotel


Warm welcome: Checking into a hotel usually isn’t a memorable experience. Sometimes you get a friendly greeting from a cheery person at the reception desk, and sometimes you just get a grunt from someone who couldn’t care less about making a good first impression to a stranger from another country. And sometimes you really luck out, and get to see an entire herd of goats hurry up a hillside to welcome you to their island.

That’s exactly what happened minutes after we checked into the Hermes Hotel on Ios back in May.

After filling out the registration form at reception, we took a walk to check out the facilities, and headed down to the spacious swimming pool terrace on the hillside hotel’s lower level. When we leaned over the terrace railing to take photos of the nearby valley, we caught the attention of a herd of goats grazing in the field below us. They interrupted their meal and rushed up the hillside to say hello.

It was an unforgettable warm welcome to an island that quickly became one of our favourite destinations in Greece. Thanks, kids!


goats on Ios Greece

The goats start rushing up the hillside toward us


goats on Ios Greece

The whole herd stopped grazing so they could come up to see us


a goat on Ios

One of the goats watches us from the hillside below the pool terrace


a goat on Ios

Another goat arrives to welcome us to Ios


a goat on Ios

The goats watched us intently for several minutes …


goats on Ios

… then got bored and forgot all about us!X




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  1. What great pictures of cute goats! Still another thing I like about Greece…

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