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Quirks & curiosities: Our windowless cave-style Santorini hotel room with its low ‘hobbit’ door


Cliffside Suites Santorini Room 119

Room 119 at Grotto Villas/Cliff Side Suites in Firostefani had no window …


Grotto Villas Cliffside Suites Suite 119

… and the door was only 5 feet 5 inches tall. Don’t forget to duck!


Head knocker: Santorini is world-renowned for spectacular scenery, and its magnificent caldera views drew us back to the island three consecutive years in a row. We just couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking landscape, colourful clifftop villages and endless views of the gorgeous blue Aegean Sea. So imagine our reaction when we arrived at the Grotto Villas/Cliff Side Suites hotel in Firostefani to discover that our assigned room — #119 — didn’t even have a window!


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Quirks & curiosities: Castle-sized room key in Naxos


Naxos Beach II hotel room key

Our biggest hotel room key — ever — had to be the one that opened our studio at the Naxos Beach II hotel on a hillside in the Stelida district of Naxos.


Naxos Beach II hotel room key

The key was’t just big, but it was heavy, too. It nearly poked a hole in my shorts pocket, so we turned it in to reception every time we left the hotel.


Naxos Beach II hotel room key

 Here I am wielding the big key after opening our studio’s split door



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