A breathtaking video postcard from Mykonos


Postcard from Mykonos Greece is an inspiring 4-minute film by Pano Verino


Even if you haven’t been to Mykonos yet,  I’m sure you’ve heard about its beautiful beaches, the narrow cobblestone lanes and  whitewashed buildings in Mykonos Town, the luxurious hotels and villas perched on rugged rocky slopes, and the restaurants, bars and clubs at the charming Little Venice seaside. If you have been to Mykonos before, you’re undoubtedly familiar with those sights and many more — and you likely either love the island or could care less if you ever went back.

But whether you’re a regular Mykonos visitor, someone who’s been there in the past, or a prospective first-time visitor, I think you’ll very much enjoy this “video postcard” I just discovered on Vimeo.

Pano Verino’s 4-minute film Postcard from Mykonos features breathtaking aerial and ground-level views from various areas of Mykonos, including the labyrinth of lanes and alleys in Mykonos Town, the town’s Little Venice seafront, some of the island’s major beaches, off-the-tourist track coves and coastal areas, scenic hilltop chapels, and the 19-meter-tall Armenistis Lighthouse, which was built in 1891.

If you’re not a fan of Mykonos for whatever reason, don’t be surprised if the film gives you a new appreciation for the island’s beguiling sights and attractions — and makes you think it could well be time to pay Mykonos a repeat visit.

And if you’re among those who haven’t experienced a Mykonos vacation yet, don’t be surprised if Postcard from Mykonos inspires you to start planning one!

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  1. Friends who recently travel to Greece during the financial crisis
    report that they had a fabulous time. Friendly, helpful and fun–Greeks made their visits top notch.

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