Petros the Mykonos pelican is all set for summer photo close-ups


Mykonos pelican photo 01 by Antoine Nikolopoulos of Odyssey Art Photography

Petros the Mykonos pelican struck this pose for Antoine Nikolopoulos of Odyssey Art Photography on May 14


He’s still there! The Mediterranean’s most famous bird, Petros the pelican, is alive and well and braced for the onslaught of tourist paparazzi that will flock to Mykonos during the next six months.

Since last year, several people have emailed me to ask if Petros, the unofficial mascot of Mykonos, is truly still alive, because they didn’t see the long-beaked bird while visiting the island. I fielded numerous requests to recommend places where people would have the best chance to get their pictures taken with the big pink pelican.

One woman told me she was convinced the pelican had died because she and her young children had unsuccessfully scoured the streets of Mykonos Town for days in desperate search of Petros, with whom the kids were keen to pose for pictures. The youngsters were tremendously disappointed, as were a few adults who wrote to me wondering if the bird had flown to another island or was being deliberately kept out of sight.

But Petros is still strolling the cobblestone streets of Mykonos Town to the amusement and delight of travellers from around the world.

From my experience, you can usually find the pelican on the Mykonos Town waterfront, near the Paraportiani Church, or at Niko’s Taverna, which keeps him well fed with fresh fish treats.

A big thanks to Antoine Nikolopoulos of Odyssey Art Photography for sending me these photos he shot of Petros on May 14.


Mykonos pelican photo 02 by Antoine Nikolopoulos of Odyssey Art Photography

Petros sits for another portrait by photographer Antoine Nikolopoulos


  1. Niko @

    May 20, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Petros the Pelican is an icon! He has such a big personality that it’s fun to catch a glimpse of him on the streets. Pictures taken with him are truly memorable, too.

  2. I’ve been photographing Mykonos’ pelicans for twenty years now. I wasLast year after an exhaustive search, I finally asked a local in Greek where Petros was. Apparently, he had been run down by a car that winter in Xora. I was truly saddened.
    If there is a new ‘Petros’ this year, that is GREAT! I hope so.

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