Super Paradise Beach Club

An image of a cheeky white-winged “angel” advertises a champagne spraying party being held at Super Paradise Beach Club on Mykonos June 19


Bubbly angels: You won’t see warnings on The Weather Network or read about this on the comprehensive Greek weather website, but when a wild summer storm strikes Mykonos tomorrow afternoon, the heavens will open and angels will shower Super Paradise Beach in a torrent of bubbly champagne.

The deluge will begin at 16:30 (4.30 p.m. for you North American readers) at the Super Paradise Beach Club, which has posted the following storm advisory on its Facebook page: “Angels will fall at 16:30. Be there on time 🙂 “

According to a promotional image posted on the Club’s Facebook page yesterday, visitors to the beach party venue are guaranteed to “get wet at the greatest champagne spraying event in Europe.”

The “Sexy Summer Days 2014” event is being presented by Mykonos Exclusive, a 7-year-old Mykonos-based company that provides high-end VIP hotel, travel and entertainment services.

Promotional posters for the champagne party include a provocative rear view photo of a curvacious lingerie-clad white-winged angel and a simple caution about the suggested dress code for the event — “The less the better.”

You can bet that champagne corks won’t be the only things popping on Super Paradise beach tomorrow afternoon!