Solitude & scenery at Stelida beach on Naxos

A view of Stelida beach, also known as Hohlakas beach (right), and St George’s Bay (upper left) on Naxos     This sweeping view from a slope on Stelida mountain takes in Hohlakas beach (right) and Naxos Town on the far side of St George’s Bay       Naxos port quay view of 151-meter-tall […]
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Favourite tavernas: Fotis at Agios Prokopios, our first choice for food, service and sunsets on Naxos

Fotis Taverna sits beside a sharp bend in the road between Agios Prokopios beach and Agia Anna beach on the west coast of Naxos …   … and has three tree-shaded tables offering beach and sunset views just across the road — our favourite spot for drinks and dining PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 2 FOR […]
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Monumental sunsets at the Portara on Naxos

The Portara monument is a superb sunset viewing spot at Naxos Town   Golden globes: On Naxos, it’s easy to combine history and culture with a bit of sightseeing and sunset viewing all in one free self-guided excursion just a few minutes’ walk from Naxos Town. All you have to do is take an evening […]
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